The Union of States

In programming, especially in game dev, states are an important concept to manage what’s going on at any given time and what to do next. So we need a finite state machine or ‘FSM’ to manage such things. Basically the state is a data object that can only ever have one value from a finite list of values. Following the excellent tutorial from Aleksandr Hovhannisyan I’ve made a simple FSM to model a light with three luminosity intensities. Next steps… Read More »The Union of States

Task Master

The end of my first complete game in this engine is in sight now that the tasks are listed out. I’ve used my Nextcloud server’s Deck app as a Kanban board for listing out tasks to complete this simple Game Jam idea called Graveyard Shift. Kanban boards are great for project management that’s flexible and functional. If you’re interested in implementing Nextcloud for your projects at work or even another service like Trello, contact us at

Version Control

Git is it. There’s a lot of reasons for why I use Git, and I’ll go into that and the implementation that I’m doing.