Manic Pixel Dream

A DevLog for Alan Youngblood’s Game and Software Development

Global Game Jam 2021

Now with Online only! The Global Game Jam is always good fun and a great place to learn and try out new ideas. I’ve been doing these since around 2010 and these game jams have lead to introductions…

The Union of States

In programming, especially in game dev, states are an important concept to manage what’s going on at any given time and what to do next. So we need a finite state machine or ‘FSM’ to manage such thing…

Task Master

The end of my first complete game in this engine is in sight now that the tasks are listed out. I’ve used my Nextcloud server’s Deck app as a Kanban board for listing out tasks to complete this simple…

Go ahead Make my day…

Before jumping into the project’s content a bit more I wanted to make sure things were well organized.

You can’t break a file that doesn’t exist

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to redo the map loading feature, but for now it does work on device. This gets filed under “duh.” I was trying to track down why the map file wasn’t loading correct…

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SDL2 Game Engine

Game Dev

My main passion is making video games. Learn more about my process here.

Software Dev

Various Script-Fu and Software that aren’t Game related.

Web Dev

For Work stuff, Showing off these projects, see a showcase of Websites I’ve developed.