You can’t break a file that doesn’t exist

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to redo the map loading feature, but for now it does work on device.

This gets filed under “duh.” I was trying to track down why the map file wasn’t loading correctly on the ClockworkPi GameShell device, but it looked fine on my Linux PC. I went through the trouble of setting up NERDtree in Vim on the device itself (I also have it on my Linux dev box). It will certainly be helpful down the road, but it pointed out the problems here very clearly.

So I’m sifting through the tree view of the project folder and wouldn’t you know it, the .map file that’s a custom text file where I have the tile map data stored is not in the folder it should be in, and in fact doesn’t exist. So I go to add it in KDevelop on my linux dev machine and I get an error message about the gitignore file. Duh, somehow I hadn’t paid enough attention to see that the .gitignore was set over zealously and blocked that file from being added and committed to the git repo.

Once I got that in the git repo, and pulled down on the GameShell, it once again worked 100% as on my dev machine and as expected.

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